Strike Force For Change, an #Indivisible Group


#StopJunkInsurance in Illinois

Call Your Senator! Call your State Senator at (312) 471-0261 and ask them to support SB 2388 SFA1: The Short Term, Limited Duration Insu...


Mueller Watch - Rosenstein Watch. Rapid Response Plan

MoveOn.Org has had a plan in place in the event that Cheeto 45 fires Rosenstein or Mueller. I listed the plan below, but you can also go...


CHANGE IS COMING - Check Out the SFFC Calendar Page

Click on the Calendar Link above to see the full calendar of events that you can participate in to affect change!




#ForTheWin2018 New Founders Conference

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Savage Smyth, 920 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610




Over-ride Rauner's Veto on Gun Dealer Licensing

Ask BOTH your State Senator and your State Representative to VOTE YES to override Governor Rauner’s Veto on SB1657 (and then email or twe...

Save Net Neutrality with Fight For The Future

ACTION NOW! It’s happening! In the midst of Fight For The Future’s #OneMoreVote day of action on Febr...

What’s Next in the Fight to Protect Dreamers

In mid-February, the Senate turned its attention to immigration for the first time since it passed a bipartisan comprehensive immigration...

Creating Witness Slips For Legislation

If you are an Illinois resident, please complete witness slips on progressive bills we support. You can do so at this link:

They are using our data for Voter Suppression - End Participation in Interstate Crosscheck - UPDATE!

UPDATE - SB2273 has passed the Illinois Senate!! Now we move to the Illinois House! They are Using Our Voter Data For Voter Suppression...

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